October 07, 2016

Ventura County Star Endorses Salud Carbajal

Editorial: Elect Carbajal in 24th House district

[Carbajal is] the best choice to continue making sure the needs of our county, and the 24th District, are addressed by Congress and federal agencies.
His priorities mirror those of the national Democratic Party platform: economic opportunity, education, comprehensive immigration reform and climate change.
Carbajal will be a solid vote for those core value issues, although he says he is not an ideologue, particularly when it comes to issues that affect the Central Coast.
Carbajal promises to “do what is right” when it comes to his votes.
He wants to reach across the aisle to Republican members of Congress to get to know them personally in the hopes of building a trust that could lead to working together to resolve issues.
We would not expect Carbajal’s approach to representing the area to waver much from the success we have seen from Rep. Capps.
He will watch out for constituent issues, support local and regional concerns and back the broader issues of his party.
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