October 06, 2016

Santa Barbara Independent Endorses Salud Carbajal

2016 Election Endorsements

Congress: Salud Carbajal


Experience counts and knowledge matters, but most important is performance.

Judging by any of these standards, Salud Carbajal is by far the best and most obvious choice in the race for the 24th Congressional District.

He is uncommonly accessible and knowledgeable about the issues.

No one in the County Administration building works harder.

Most candidates nowadays promise to reach across the aisle…fewer have had any real, long-term experience doing it, especially in this new normal of partisan gridlock.

Salud Carbajal is the exception. He has proved over and over that he possesses a rare ability to craft solutions to problems acceptable to both parties.
Supervisor Carbajal, who attended UCSB, was the first in his family to graduate from a four-year college, served as a United States Marine, and has been a solid vote for coastal protection against oil development and for stronger air-quality standards in response to climate change.

Carbajal supports strong immigration reform, not the disgraced bracero program of the last century, and is a strong advocate for gun-registration background checks.

By contrast, Carbajal’s opponent, Republican Justin Fareed, has had no meaningful experience in the district he presumes to represent.

Fareed’s campaign apparently rests on two factors…

He excelled in high school football, and he worked as a legislative assistant for 15 months with conservative Republican Kentucky congressmember Ed Whitfield, a recently disgraced politician strongly backed by the coal and pharmaceutical industries.

How these experiences will do anything to help the rest of us living in the 24th Congressional District is anybody’s guess.

…he has accepted large donations from murky sources, supports Donald Trump, and has a temperament with a low threshold for political disagreement.

Fareed’s promises are too meager for our troubled times. 

They are in no way a substitute for experience, knowledge, and — above all — performance.

Those are the qualities we find in Supervisor Salud Carbajal.

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