Preserving Our Natural Environment

Our coastline and natural environment are renown. It is our responsibility to preserve the unique communities, scenic views, and open spaces along the Central Coast. I have worked to bring Democrats and Republicans together to preserve huge open spaces for future generations to enjoy. I am proud to have served on President Obama’s task force on climate change to come up with a range of sustainable solutions to be implemented at the state and local levels. I led efforts locally to tackle carbon pollution as a strategy to combat climate change. In Congress, I will continue to say no to any new offshore drilling and instead encourage us to move toward cleaner energy solutions that help create new jobs, like we did with the solar power facilities in the Cuyama Valley and on the Carrizo Plain. We need to do more to bring wind and biofuel initiatives to market and encourage more efforts for residents to retrofit their homes, making them more energy efficient to save consumers money and reduce energy usage.