Making Health Care More Affordable

Congress needs to focus on fixing and improving our health care system for our service members and families, not on rolling back insurance access for millions of Americans.  

During my first term in Congress, I voted against the Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and fought for legislation to improve and expand our healthcare system. I've heard countless stories from Central Coast residents who have relied on the ACA to access more affordable healthcare.  Including from John in Santa Barbara who beat stage IV throat cancer and is now guaranteed insurance coverage under the ACA, despite having a preexisting condition.

I strongly support legislation to establish a public insurance option, which is a critical piece to driving down rampant costs set by insurance companies and providing affordable access to health care.

Adding a public option will not only create much-needed competition in our insurance markets, but it will also give a valuable lifeline to rural communities across America that have only one insurance provider on the ACA exchange.


As a former Planned Parenthood California Central Coast Board Member, I am a staunch supporter of expanding women's access to healthcare and protecting a woman's right to choose. On the House Armed Services Committee, I have introduced legislation to expand TRICARE services for our military members to provide free contraceptive services, allow gestational diabetes screening without copayment, and to waive statutorily imposed pharmacy costs for preventive services.

I'm also fighting to protect and strengthen our Medicare and Medicaid programs that ensure millions of older Americans and low-income families are no longer forced to choose between paying their mortgage, for their child’s education or for their healthcare.

Congress must work to ensure that every American has affordable healthcare coverage.