Creating Good Paying Jobs

No one who works full time should live in poverty. We have to create more opportunities for people to lift themselves into the middle class and stay there. That’s why I will fight to raise the federal minimum wage. I will work across party lines to bring good paying jobs to the Central Coast through investing in our infrastructure, encouraging clean energy development, and embracing new technology.

Upgrading our infrastructure is critical to our long-term economic growth and key to expanding the middle class. It puts people back to work, helps reduce traffic, and allows our businesses to get their products to market faster. As County Supervisor, I helped secure $100 million in local transportation funds to widen our highways and repair our bridges and roads. In Congress, I will push for continued investment.

I believe protecting the environment and creating good paying jobs can go hand in hand. In Santa Barbara, we established the EMPower energy efficiency program for our residents and approved the Cuyama Solar Project, the first large-scale solar project in our county. These types of programs have the potential to produce highly skilled, good paying jobs and set us forth toward a sustainable future.

We have a thriving tech community based on the research and innovation being done at UCSB and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We need to support these entrepreneurs and make sure they can bring the next great projects and services to market.